Saouma Group
synthetic inorganic chemistry for energy and catalysis
Welcome to the Saouma Group!
We are a synthetic inorganic chemistry group that aims to address current societal issues in energy and catalysis  Topics of current interest include the catalytic conversion of CO2 to value-added C1 chemicals/fuel precursors, and novel ligand scaffolds. We currently are looking to hire a postdoc in the area of organometallics/hydrogenation/electrochemistry. The ideal candidate will have expertise in one of these areas and a desire to learn more about the others and should email Prof. Saouma. We are recruiting graduate students! Undergrads interested in joining our group should fill out this form.
Saouma Group Ideals 1. Set high standards for youself, and plan to do globally relevant, impactful science. 2. The strength of the group is the group. 3. Work with your labmates and peers collaboratively - always be willing to help others. 4. Don’t point the finger, point the way - minor setbacks are not an excuse to stop thinking critically about your science. 5. Take ownership of your mistakes and communicate them so that everyone has an opportunity to learn. 6. Safety is always the first priority. -- Cheryl, Fang, Kevin, and Moumita (summer 2018)