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Molecular Biology Resources

Herskowitz Lab Yeast Protocols
Yeast genetics (theory and practice, protocols, templates and sequences), cell biology, cell biochemistry, links to other useful yeast pages.
The Botstein Lab
Yeast biology, protocols, request for strains and plasmids.
The Forsburg Lab pombe Pages
Information about the fission yeast S. pombe.
Saccharomyces Genome Database
including the yeast virtual library with links to Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Schizosaccharomyces pombe, and Candida albicans information.
The Antibody Resource Page
Links to antibody gallery, educational resources, online databases and databanks, online journals, online companies, and how to find an antibody
Cell Biology Laboratory Manual
Cell biology links and lab protocols
Links to primer design utilities and the PCR Jump Station
Lazo's Laboratory Protocols List
Extensive protocol list for DNA, RNA, and plasmid isolation, purification, and transformation; PCR and hybridization protocols; various plant protocols
Cell and Molecular Biology Online
Excellent resource with links to electronic publications, educational resources, methods and protocols, current research, and career resources just to name a few.
Molecular Biology Protocols on the World Wide Web
Links to several molecular biology protocol pages.
Melbourne Signal Transduction Group
Links to useful molecular and cellular biology protocol pages
The Scientist
News, research articles, lab equipment reviews, etc.
Frontiers in Bioscience
Links to journals, guides (molecular modeling methods and programs), tutorials, manuals, protocols, research tools (RNA, DNA, protein analysis tools/structure prediction; rad decay calculation; enzyme database, etc).
FAQ list for bionet.molbio.methds-reagnts
BIOSCI/bionet newsgroups (covering bio-software, protocols, etc.), journals, bioinformatics links
Donis-Keller Laboratory Manual
Protocols for Recombinant DNA Isolation, Cloning, and Sequencing
The restriction enzyme database
Comprehensive Protocol Collection
NWFSC Molecular Biology Protocols

Laboratory Safety

University of Utah Environmental Health and Safety
General info; FAQs; University Policies; Programs, Protocols, and Procedures Page; Information regarding waste minimization and fire prevention; Other useful links (department staff, MSDS sheets, other agencies, etc.)
University of Utah Radiological Health Department
Radiation Safety Policy Manual; Radiation Procedures and Records; Disposal Procedures and Waste Pickup Schedules; Educational Information; Other Radiation Protection Organizations; RSO Notes - covering various radiation and health related topics.
University of Virginia Office of Environmental Health and Safety
This is a manual produced by the University of Virginia Environmental Health and Safety Department containing information on First Aid and Emergency Procedures; General Lab Practices; Properties of Hazardous Materials; Special Classes of Materials; and Safety Equipment. This manual contains some very valuable information but it is important to remember that some information may be specific to the University of Virginia (i.e., certain aspects of emergency procedures, chemical aquisition and disposal, etc.)


Citing Electronic Materials
How to cite Web sites, e-mail, ftp archives, and more; endorsed by the Alliance for Computers and Writing
Guide for Writing a Grant Proposal
This is a guide that was prepared by S. Joseph Levine, Ph.D. and in his own words was "created to provide both instructions on how to write a funding proposal and actual examples of a completed proposal. The Guide is designed as a tool for advanced graduate students and others to learn more about the actual proposal writing process." (This Guide is a companion to the Guide for Writing and Presenting Your Thesis or Dissertation.)
Guide for Writing and Presenting Your Thesis or Dissertation
This is a guide that was prepared by S. Joseph Levine, Ph.D. and in his own words was "created to assist my graduate students in thinking through the many aspects of crafting, implementing and defending a thesis or dissertation. It is my attempt to share some of the many ideas that have surfaced over the past few years that definitely make the task of finishing a graduate degree so much easier." This guide is a companion to the Guide for Writing a Funding Proposal.
Hints for Writing Successful NIH Grants
Brief but detailed paper by Ellen Barrett of the University of Miami School of Medicine covering the NIH grant application.
NIAID - All About Grants
This page contains many links that can be extremely useful when writing an NIH grant. Includes NIH Center for Scientific Review containing review dates, study sections, etc.
The Foundation Center
The Foundation Center is an independent nonprofit information clearinghouse established in 1956. The Center's mission is to foster public understanding of the foundation field by collecting, organizing, analyzing, and disseminating information on foundations, corporate giving, and related subjects. The audiences that call on the Center's resources include grantseekers, grantmakers, researchers, policymakers, the media, and the general public.
Proposal Writing: Internet Resources
Links to many useful grant writing guides and resources.